Advance Care Planning

Who… should do advance care planning?

Let’s start with YOU. You just never know when a serious illness or accident can occur. We first need to have that internal monologue and conversation with ourselves so we have a clear understanding of what we want to communicate to our loved ones.

Why…is this so important?

Because you want to make sure your health care wishes are met.

  • Do you want to die in a hospital or at home?
  • Do you want to receive artificial life support ?
  • How should your pain be managed?

These are things we don’t like to think about, but not knowing or communicating those wishes to our loved ones can cause a great deal of stress for them, if they ever have to be put in the situation to decide. You want to make sure it is as easy as possible for them, so they can give you the gift of fulfilling your wishes.

When… should I start?

It’s never too early to start… advance care planning is a life long process and could change many times over the course of your life. A good indicator is to start when ‘big’ things start happening such as– college graduation, new job, buying a house… when ‘changes’ occur…. such as having children, new grandchildren. Big life events are a good trigger to refocus and regain control of how you want everything to play out…. in your final days.

How.. does one get all this started?

You are reading this, so you have already taken the first step in educating yourself and the importance of advance care planning. Continue researching about health care choices and the desired outcomes you would want, prepare a list. Then communicate that with your loved ones. Make it official by filling out the proper documentation, such as Health Care Proxy form and Living will. It is important do also discuss with your doctors.


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