Jewish Hospice – For Torah-Observant Jews

Jewish hospice providers may also provide care to other unique Jewish communities. Certain hospice providers have special programs for Jewish families observing halachah (traditional Jewish law). These programs, such as the MJHS Hospice “Halachic Pathway,” assure patients and their families that a chosen posek (rabbinic advisor) is included in the medical decision-making process. Experts in hospice understand the importance of facilitating these conversations appropriate to a person’s religious beliefs. This enables patients and their families to receive end-of-life care that adheres to their personal religious practice and to Jewish law.

Chayim Aruchim – Center for Culturally Sensitive Health Advocacy and Counseling

Many care programs for those in the Jewish community with advanced illness are guided by Chayim Aruchim, established by Agudath Israel of America to help Jewish patients make health care decisions according to Halacha.

With the team of halachic authorities, legal experts, patient and pastoral care professionals and high-level government policy advocates, Chayim Aruchim endeavors to serve as a vital resource in championing, promoting and ensuring the implementation of preferences of Torah observant patients care decisions in accordance with Halacha.

Where Is Jewish End of Life Care Offered?

At Home

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Hospice Residences

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Inpatient Units

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