NYC Synagogue Partnership Programs

“As we begin planning future events together I just want to reiterate how much we have enjoyed working with MJHS. Your talented team has significantly enhanced and broadened this community’s awareness on end-of-life concerns (both from a lay and professional perspective). We look forward to future collaboration and continued learning together.”

Rabbi Steven I. Rein
Park Avenue Synagogue


Thanks to a grant from the Caring Commission of UJA-Federation of New York, the Center for Jewish End of Life Care is pleased to provide numerous opportunities for training and partnership regarding end-of-life issues within a Jewish context for synagogues in the New York City metro area.  The following is a list of the specialized training sessions offered.


Education for Congregational Members

  • Includes fundamentals of Jewish end-of-life care options
  • Clarifies and distinguishes between concepts
  • Debunks common misconceptions re: hospice care
  • Covers impact of recent health care legislative changes on patients and families
  • Lead by a senior medical officer, rabbi, and social worker alongside the congregational rabbi

Hospice Volunteer Training for Congregational Bikur Cholim Groups

  • Increases hospice literacy of existing Caring Committee/Bikur Cholim groups
  • Assists synagogues to establish Bikur Cholim programs
  • Training includes how to help children of seriously ill patients express themselves through Art & Soul™ program

Writing the Last Chapter Together

  • A discussion that raises awareness about having the conversation with oneself and one’s loved ones prior to end of life
  • Select partner synagogues will host this community-awareness symposia on end-of-life issues
  • Open to all lay and professional congregants from surrounding synagogues and community
  • Keynote speakers will be recognized experts from CLAL – The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.

Caring for Holocaust Survivors with Dignity and Respect

  • Understanding the impact of trauma on Holocaust Survivors at end of life
  • Initiating difficult conversations
  • Challenges of caring for survivors at end of life

Education for Medical/Health Care Practitioners from the Congregation

  • Addresses unique professional and emotional challenges targeting this audience
  • Explains the role a Primary Care Physician/Specialist can maintain in patient’s care while on hospice
  • Introduces the spiritual journey of the terminally ill patient
  • Covers impact of recent health care legislative changes on physicians and patients
  • Lead by a senior medical officer, rabbi, and social worker alongside the congregational rabbi

If you are interested in bringing any of the following workshops and training sessions to your NYC-based synagogue or Jewish community, please contact Toby Weiss, Director of Cultural Sensitivity and Jewish Programming, MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care.

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