Pediatric Concurrent Care

Pursuing curative treatment alongside hospice

When the patient is a child, there is no parent who ever wants to give up hope for a cure, a new treatment or a miracle. State and Federal laws now enable your child to benefit from enrolling in a robust hospice program, such as MJHS Pediatric Hospice, while continuing to pursue curative treatment for their life-limiting illness. Parents of children with advanced illness, alongside their practitioners and clinicians, can continue hoping and planning for the future while taking advantage of the supportive benefits of hospice.

Policy note: Since 2011, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (known in New York as Child Health Plus) have covered all medically necessary curative services, in addition to palliative care, for children under age 21 who receive hospice care.

For more detailed information on the legislation, you can visit the NHPCO site, and read the Pediatric Concurrent Care – Continuum Briefing. If you are a patient, parent or caregiver, the first 3-4 pages are most relevant.

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